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Asian countries are considered the fastest-growing nations in the universe. The likes of China, Korea, and Japan are highly developed in technology. They currently control the labor force and they are making big profits in the international market.

This rapid development came up following a smooth progression in education. Many scholarship programs have been instituted by the leaders of some of these countries for both international and local students to increase their nation’s influence, reputation, marketing, and productivity.

These scholarship programs have allowed many less privileged and low-income students to study abroad and drawn in plenty of visitors in return. After their studies, most of these students return to their respective nations where they become relevant citizens and also spread the Asian influence.

In today’s world, education has become one of the paramount and expensive assets to acquire. Most undergraduate and high school students indeed give up on their dreams to get standard and quality education due to insufficient capital.

With numerous scholarship programs in Asia, many of these students will have the opportunity to progress their academic pursuits and become essential to community development. On that note, let us quickly explore a few of the top scholarship programs on the continent that are open for international students.

Japanese Government Scholarships for International Undergraduate students

This scholarship program was implemented by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science, and Technology (MEXT). It was instituted to give opportunities to international student s who wish to acquire their degrees the Japanese soil.

MEXT scholarship Program is been mandated in all Universities in Japan. International students have the liberty to pick any related field in the following faculties, including any Japanese university of their choice. The related departments include:

·  Faculty of pure and natural sciences

·  Faculty of social science

·  faculty of humanities

The scholarship program lasts for a period of 5 years – 4 years for study and 1 year for preparatory education in the Japanese language and other subjects that are commenced immediately after arrival.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship program includes tuition and other relative fees, monthly allowances of 117,000 yens and a little stipend of about 2000 yens for research and laboratory-related undergraduate students.

Eligibility and Requirements

Age: All applicants should not be less than 15 years and more than 25 years.

Nationality: Applicants must be from another country that has a diplomatic relationship with Japan. Any applicant with dual citizenship can also apply.

Academic Background

Applicants must meet one of the following conditions: Applicants who have completed 12 years of schooling in countries other than Japan or applicants who have completed their studies at a school equivalent to a Japanese upper secondary school in other countries.

*Japanese language: Applicants must be willing to learn the Japanese language and also have an interest in Japanese culture and principle.

*Health: applicants must have a medical certificate from a recognized Private or Government hospital.

*Arrival in Japan: All applicants must be in Japan before the 7th of April, 2020.

*Visa requirement: All applicants must have obtained a ‘student visa’ at the Japanese embassy before the closure of the application form.

How To Apply for Japanese Government Scholarships for International Undergraduate students

Applicants must submit the required documents to the Japanese diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country before the deadline for the submission.

Note: The closure of the application depends on the applicant’s country of residence.

Application Deadline: The deadline for application varies. Each applicant regardless of their respective countries should try to submit their form on time.

For more information and application process visit: https://admissions.apu.ac.jp/graduate/how_to_apply/external_scholarship/u_recommendation/#item_2


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