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Since inception, man’s quest for knowledge has been insatiable and as a saying goes, “Education is from cradle to the grave”. As it stands, man’s thirst for knowledge has led to the enrollment of children to schools for formal learning. At this present age though, the least formal education certificate appears to be the Bachelor’s Degree certification.

With different tertiary learning entities springing up almost everywhere all over the world, it has become something of a curse that quality education is now something that is waning. Before you can get the quality education that you really crave, you’ll have to go the extra mile.

But going the extra mile has been curbed by the level some institutions in Europe have set and the level of graduates these schools continue to release into the labor market. But unfortunately, this quality education is still something beyond the reach of most ordinary people.

Well, calm down, Ordinary people! The governments of the countries where these institutions are situated are also aware of the needs of people which have made them spring into action and put systems in place in the form of scholarships and grants to aid capable students on their way to achieving their heart desires.

The under-listed scholarships were being handed out by either the institution themselves, in support by some philanthropists and the government of the countries:

ENS International Selection Scholarships (France)

École Normale Supérieure, also known as ENS Paris is one of the most selective and prominent graduate schools in Paris, France. It is one of the French higher education establishments outside of the public university system and a member of PSL University, currently an association of public universities and colleges, since 2010

Every year, the institution provides an international selection that allows promising international students, either in Science or Arts and Humanities, to pursue a Masters Degree or Diploma study at the university.

The program makes provision for 10 students each from Sciences and Arts and Humanities. It s also said that the level of study in consideration is either the Master’s Degree or Diploma studies in the fields of Science or Arts and Humanities at the ENS.

The target group is talented international students and the program is said to offer a monthly scholarship grant of around €1,000 for a period not exceeding 3 years. It also offers a room on one of the ENS campuses. To be eligible, applicants must be under 26 as at the time they apply. The applicant must not have applied for the international selection before and must have lived in France for more than 10 months.

The application deadline for the scholarship program is put on December 15 for Science students and November for Arts and Humanities students annually. To apply for the ENS International Selection Scholarship, visit the official website: http://www.ens.fr/en/academics/admissions/international-selection to access the application form and get more detailed information on how to apply.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LExS) for International Masters Students (The Netherlands)

Universiteit Leiden, commonly called Leiden University is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands. Founded in 1575, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the Netherlands. The university has been placed in the top 100 universities in the world by, at least, three major ranking tables. It was also ranked in the top 50 in the world by thirteen fields of study in the 2020 QS World University Ranking.

The institution is offering scholarships every year to outstanding students to pursue a postgraduate degree in Law, International Relations and Diplomacy and many other programs at the university. The scholarship is offered to exceptional Non-EU/EEA students willing to pursue a course leading to the master’s degree certification at Leiden University and for outstanding students from any part of the world looking to pursue a Master of Law Advanced Program or MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy.

The program is said to offer scholarship funding of the total tuition fee subtracting the statutory tuition fee. Be aware though that the LExS is not a full scholarship. The deadline dates for the scholarship program are put on February 1 for programs starting in October and March 1 for the LLM Advanced Studies Program yearly.

To apply for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarships, visit the official website: https://universiteitleiden.nl/en/scholarships/sea/leiden-university-excellence-scholarship-lexs to access the application form and get detailed information on how to apply.

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