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Scholarship programs are designed to reward students and promote academic success. If you are looking forward to returning to school to acquire more knowledge for personal development, getting a scholarship will help you to minimize costs and create a lot of financial benefits for you.

In addition to educational benefit, Scholarships allow students to make use of the opportunity to gain more experiences both inside and outside the learning environment. Many international Scholarship programs give foreign students the liberty to learn and gain knowledge through an internship. Most of the students might end up earning work visas during their stay abroad.

Cyprus has been the focus of many low-income students due to its numerous scholarship programs. Many international students now prefer schooling in Cyprus due to their constant growth in economics, favorable environment and culture.

The country currently harbors more than 63,000 international students from 131 different nations across the globe who are currently enrolled in some of its universities. Without further ado, below are some of the various scholarship programs in Cyprus.

Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship in Cyprus

Endeavor VET scholarships provide financial support for international students to undertake Vocational Education Training at Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree level in any field of study. VET program covers within 2-4 years of free education and it equips international students with related knowledge and skills.

All VET programs are related to a trade occupation or vocation in which applicants are allowed to participate. Their course encompasses Degree and higher-level technical program which are studied in various Cyprus’s universities. VET offers a career in diploma, advanced diploma and an associate degree in relevant trades and vocational career.

Scholarship worth

The value of the scholarship is approximately $131,000. It includes travel allowance, establishment allowance, feeding allowance, and monthly stipends. An international student on VET scholarships are placed on health insurance. The Scholarship programs include tuition fees for the duration of the course.


To be eligible, VET applicants must:

*Be aged 18 and above

* Be a national or permanent resident of a participating country

* Commence their proposed program after January of the application year and no later than November

How to apply

Applications are submitted through the endeavor online (OEL) system. For more information and application procedure, visit https://internationaleducation.gov.au

Deadline: The deadline for the 2020 application is July 31.

International Institute of Management Scholarship, Cyprus

The Cyprus International Institute of Management offers students scholarships worth 82,000 Euros as well as 50 partial scholarships. These Scholarships are open to both Cyprus and international students who have an interest in pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course in management.

Cyprus International Institute of Management is a non-profit international business school that was established by some business leaders and a team of prominent academic figures representing some of the world’s top business schools.

Fields of study

Scholarship programs are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the following discipline

*Bachelor in business administration (BBA)

*Masters in business administration  (MBA)

*Master of public sector management (MPM)

*Master in management (MM)

*Master in accounting(MMA)

*Master in education leadership (MEL)


To be eligible for this scholarship, the following criteria must be met by applicants. Any individual eligible for admission to the CIIM programs will be screened based on these criteria.

*Educational background

*Personal qualities

* Success of interview

Note: candidates for MBA and MPSM need to have a minimum of 3 years of working experience (The duration of service in the army will also be counted for their work experience).

Each candidate must have good communication skills in English language.

How To Apply

The application form can be filled and submitted on the CIIM website at https://www.ciiam.ca

Deadline: The CIIM scholarship will close in November 2020.

Ph.D. Scholarships in Computational sciences at Cyprus institute

Great news! Cyprus Institute is offering two scholarships for its Ph.D. program in computation sciences. Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to study at the Cyprus institute; they are to apply through the EU H2020 VI SEEM project.

The computational sciences doctoral program was scheduled to educate scholars in mathematical modeling and computation methods and logic needed to solve complex scientific problems.

Applicants are trained in the use of state-of-art computation methods and modern high technology to perform research within the scope of the international recognition research team. The program comprises climate modeling, digital culture, computation physics, and fluid dynamics, etc.

How To Apply

International students are eligible to apply, candidates with strong analytical and numerical skills and relevant scientific background in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science are considered. The application can only be done online at https//gs.cyi.ac.cy

For more inquiry, you can contact +35722208670

Related discipline

*A1& machine language

*Applied mathematics

*Atomic physics

*Computational chemistry

*Computer science &IT

*Data analysis

*Nuclear Physics

*Quantum physics

*Theoretical physics

UCLan BSC Mathematics Scholarships at British University of Cyprus

The UCLan BSC Mathematics Scholarships is a scholarship program for BSC (Hons) in mathematics which is valid for the first years of studies at the British University of Cyprus.

The BSC in Mathematics degree is a balanced program of study that covers topics across the whole range of Mathematics. The program assists in communication skills and also helps in developing international students in speech delivery, Mathematical presentations, and conference design.


*International students are allowed to apply for the scholarship

*Applicants need to have good communication skill

*Applicants whose first language is not English are to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level by the university.

*Applicants must be of good academic grades

How To Apply

UCLan is an electronic application form, it does require some steps before it can be completed. Below are the steps to complete the UCLan application form.

*provide copies of your high school certificate and the following document

*School leaving certificate and English language qualification test(IELTS)

*Passport copy, minimum validity 2 years for international students

*Send the above documents electronically to https://www.uclancyprus.ac.cy/

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