Scholarships Programs in Africa for African Students

Maybe you’re a cultural prodigy contemplating your studies overseas, it’s time for you to consider higher education in the heart of the African continent

Some of the most popular courses available in Africa include law, political science, arts and humanities, science and technology, economics, management, medicine, politics, foreign languages, music, international relations and international development. Every subject is available and dependent on the institution itself.

Africa is made up of over 50 countries and is the world’s second most populous and second largest continent, making up 20% of the Earth’s total land mass and 16% of the world’s population. Mostly African students rarely think of Africa first when considering where to study abroad, which is a great shame, because the continent offers so much to so many, that so few take advantage of.

We are approaching another academic calendar and students are already busy considering their options. There are a host of scholarship offers available at the moment to African students who want to continue their studies without leaving the continent.

Every year, applications open for undergraduate and masters scholarships for African students to study abroad, even in their various countries of origin. You can find scholarships to finance your study abroad in Africa, for bachelors, masters and phd’s, in any field of study.

Whether you’re an undergraduate with the aim to begin your education at the tertiary institution level or you’ve already had your first degree and want to bag a higher honor, there’s surely more than one option for you.

In this piece, we highlight a number of candid scholarship programs for students with the desire to progress in their academic pursuits in Africa. The programs mentioned are verified and are still available for application. These are grants and university scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Below are some list of African scholarships for study in Africa & scholarships for African countries. They are as follows:


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