Full and Partial Scholarships In The United States

When you are looking for quality and all – round varieties of top notch education, it will be a far cry to look beyond The United States. Their education system is without doubt one of the best in the whole wide world, offering a wide variety of courses and programs.

The only problem with wanting such top notch education is that most of these university programs do not come at a very cost effective price, and this is particularly hefty on foreign students, which is why the US government have taken giant strides to make sure that they aid every single individual that is qualified to study in any of their universities to achieve their aim.

These aids could come in different forms, the most popular one being through scholarships.

Scholarship is any form of grant or payment to aid a student’s education, granted on the basis of academic and other distinction. Be aware though, that scholarship in the US is different to what other countries (except Canada partially) refer to as scholarship

Scholarship in some other countries refers to any form of monetary award that is geared toward supporting education, while in the US; scholarship is money for which the student must qualify for in some ways to aid his educational pursuits.

Scholarships in the US are awarded based on a variety of criteria, which to some extents will replicate the values and intents of the donor(s) or founder(s) of the award.

Some college scholarships are based on merit. Merit – based scholarships might be awarded based on academic achievement, or on a blend of academic prowess, special interests, traits or talents.

Other scholarships are based on financial needs – these can be in form of interest – free loans and subsidized campus employments. It is good to know though, that scholarship money is not to be repaid.

If you are looking to study in the United States and looking for reputable scholarship programs to help fund your educational pursuits, we recommend you look at the following scholarship programs:

  1. The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Scholarship Program
  2. The America University Scholarship Program
  3. Iowa State University International Merit Scholarship
  4. Michigan State University OISS Funding Program

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